Academic Committee

The Academic Committee aims to protect academic interests of the students by acting as an interface between student community, the faculty and management. The committee acts as a facilitator in resolution of academic grievances. The committee through consultation with student representatives identifies hurdles in achievement of learning outcomes and works to resolve the same on priority. The Academic Committee is responsible for the evaluation of the academic performance of students. One of its goals is to ensure that students continue to make academic progress towards their graduation. The Committee assists students with the required skills for academic success.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To promote and develop effective learning and teaching strategies
  2. To develop systematic operational procedures
  3. To review academic and other related activities of the Institution
  4. To review the students and faculty development programs
  5. To visualize and formulate perspective plans for the development and growth of the Institution
  6. To promote innovative teaching methods and student placement programs
  7. To plan for sustaining the quality of education, quality improvement in curriculum implementation
  8. To review lesson plans and session plans of the concerned semester
  9. To review student’s attendance
  10. To consider such other activities for furtherance of academic excellence
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