Attendance Moninitoring Committee

Attendance Moninitoring Committee aims to institute discipline among students. B.M.S. College of Law follows both online and offline method to record the attendance. All the faculties record the attendance in the register and on AMS. Students having less than 75% of attendance in any month are asked to meet their Proctor.

Roles and Responsibilities of Faculties:

  1. Maintain the attendance register properly, mark present as P and absent as A clearly.
  2. Record the attendance both online and offline.
  3. At the end of the month, submit the attendance to the class teacher.
  4. Class teacher shall prepare the consolidated attendance list and submit the same to their respective Faculty Coordinator.

Roles and Responsibilities of Faculty Coordinator:

  1. Prepare consolidated shortage list of their respective courses and share the same with the Principal and all the faculties
  2. Counsel chronic absentees and inform their parents.
  3. Offensive gestures, Language, Rumours, Gossip or Jokes.
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