Legal Aid and Awareness Cell


Legal Awareness empowers people to demand justice, accountability, and effective remedies. It is imperative for them to be aware of the basic law of the country. Legal aid means free legal assistance to the poor persons who are not able to enforce their rights given to them by law in any judicial proceedings before the Court, Tribunals, or any authority. Legal Aid Cell is active in organizing guest lectures on legal aid and awareness for students, staff, and the general public. Its legal aid camps help in spreading awareness about basic rights and schemes for the poor and marginalized population of our society.

Aims & Objectives:

  1. To help the poor and needy people who approach the Legal Aid Cell
  2. To conduct activities like spreading legal awareness and educating people on their basic rights through our faculty members and students
  3. To promote paralegal services in villages, slums, and other places where people do not have easy access to justice
  4. To promote a pro bono service culture and tradition.
  5. To initiate settlement of disputes amicably

  6. Functions::

    The Cell is dedicated to ensure clinical legal education to all the students through-

    1. Legal Awareness & Aid Camps
    2. Lok Adalat
    3. Prison Visits
    4. Police Station Visits
    5. Visit to Registration Offices
    6. Lawyer Chambers Visits
    7. Court Visits
    8. NGO Visits
    9. Internships
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