COVID-19 Awareness Cell is constituted to create awareness among staff, students and general public regarding COVID-19 Virus. The Cell shall be responsible for creating awareness on the preventive measures on COVID-19 among the staff, students and public through drives and extension programmes. The centre helps students to overcome stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health related issues through counselling during the pandemic situation.

Declaration of Adoptation

On this day, Fifth May, 2020, Tuesday, I declare that this policy of The COVID-19 AWARENESS CELL is formally adopted for use. The Policy will remain in force from this day until it is amended or replaced by another Policy following the relevant procedures said down herein for such purpose.

In testimony of this declaration I place my signature and the official seal of the College

Procedure for Amending this Policy

This Policy can be amended for the purpose of changing the composition either by reducing or increasing the membership, grounds for terminating the members etc. By incorporating a statement as to why the amendment is required to be made to the Policy and the same has to be approved by majority of the members of the Cell. The Principal will then take necessary steps for such a replacement.

Extent of Autonomy

The Cell will have complete autonomy in the performance of their tasks. In order to improve the work efficiency of the Cell, the Principal will make allocations of clerical, infrastructural and supporting staff assistance if and whenever required by the Cell.

Objectives of the Cell

  1. To create awareness about physical distancing as a preventive measure.
  2. Educate people about significance of health, hygiene, wearing of mask, Physical distance and Sanitation
  3. Educate public about WHO guidelines on COVID-19.
  4. Stimulate interest among staff and students to volunteer as COVID-19 warriors to help the public.

Roles and Responsbality

  1. Creating awareness among staff, students and public about SOP (Standing Operating Procedure).
  2. Mask Distribution
  3. Organizing Free COVID-19 Test for staff members
  4. Attending meetings regularly
  5. Distribution of Food and essential commodities
  6. To organize online yoga/ meditation sessions
  7. Guide students ABOUTUSe of Arogyasetu app as per the instructions of the government


Sl.No Name Designation
01 Dr. Gayathri Bai S
Assistant Professor
02 Smt. Ramya K.
Assistant Professor
Faculty Coordinator
03 Sri. Hemanth R.S.
VI Semester B.A LL.B
Student Member
04 Sri. Aswin S.
VI Semester B.A LL.B
Student Member


  1. Chairperson and the faculty coordinator are appointed by the Principal and the Cell will be reconstituted upon termination of services of faculty member.
  2. Student members are appointed for a period of one year.
  3. Renewal of student membership will be done periodically through selection process representing all the classes.
  4. If student member found irresponsible and fail to full his/her responsibility, will be terminated from the post of member.
  5. Looking at the state of affairs, the Cell will be reconstituted by the Principal.


Regular meeting shall be conducted by the chairperson at least once in a semester or before organising any programmes in a semester by giving 7 days prior notice to all the members of the Centre. Agendas of the meeting shall be prepared and the same shall be mentioned in the meeting notice. The quorum for the meeting shall be minimum 3 members of the Cell (Chairperson, 1 faculty member and 1 student member) shall be present during the meeting. Agendas will be discussed and decision will be taken on the basis of the majority opinion of the members attending the meeting. The decision of the Cell will be placed before the Principal for the final approval.

Procedure followed to organise programmes

Approval for the proposed activities

The Cell need to prepare a list of activities to be conducted during the academic year and budget proposal for same shall be submitted for approval by the Principal.

Conducting of programmes

Once the approval is granted by the principal, the Cell will conduct activities as per the schedule fixed. After conducting of the programme, detailed report and photos will be sent to the reporting committee and same will be uploaded in the college website from time to time for proper documentation.

WHO Guidelines for mask distribution

  1. People aged 60 years or over, or those with underlying conditions, should wear a medical mask in situations where physical distancing is not possible.
  2. non-medical fabric masks, should consist of at least three layers of different material.
  3. Mask is not a replacement for physical distancing and hand hygiene.
  4. Instructions for using non-medical mask-
  5. Do’s Don’ts
    Clean the hands before touching the mask Not to use damaged mask
    Inspect the mask for damage or dirty Not to use damaged mask
    Adjust the mask to face without leaving any gap on the sides Not to wear a loose mask
    Cover nose, mouth and chin Do not wear the mask under the nose
    Avoid touching the mask Do not remove the mask where there are people within one meter
    Clean hands before removing the mask Do not wear the mask that is difficult to breathe through
    Remove the mask by the strap behind the ears or head Do not wear dirty or wet mask
    Pull the mask away from your face Do not share mask with others
    Store the mask in clean plastic, resealable bag if it is not dirty or wet, if plan to re use it
    Remove the mask by strap when taking out of the bag
    Wash the mask in soap or detergent, preferably with hot water, at least once a day
    Clean the hands after removing the mask
  6. Instructions for using medical mask-
  7. Do’s Don’ts
    Clean the hands before touching the mask Do not use ripped or damp mask
    Inspect the mask for holes or tears Do not wear the mask only over nose and mouth
    Find the top side where the metal piece or stiff edge is Do not wear a loose mask
    Ensure the colored -side faces outside Do not touch the front of the mask
    Place the metal piece or stiff edge over your nose Do not remove the mask to talk to someone or to do other things that would require touching the mask
    Cover nose, mouth and chin Do not leave mask within the reach of others
    Adjust the mask to face without leaving any gap on the sides Do not re use the mask
    Avoid touching the mask
    Remove the mask by strap when taking out of the bag
    Pull the mask away from your face and keep away from the surfaces
    Discard the mask after use,, preferably into a closed bin
    Wash hands after discarding the mask


  1. To maintain social distancing of 6 feet in public place
  2. Compulsory wearing of face mask
  3. Hand sanitizing

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