Internal Committee for Students with Disabilities

B.M.S. College of Law endeavours to provide equal opportunities and access to all disadvantaged and differently-abled students with respect to admission and their academic progression. In this regard, the college has constituted an internal committee for the students with disabilities for compliance of Honorable Supreme Court Order (in W.P No. 292 of 2006) and the UGC letter no F.No 6-1/2018(SCT) for the students with disabilities in the Institution. The main objectives are to ensure a friendly campus for all differently abled students who are studying in the Institution. and to address their requirements, and also make all resources accessible

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To foster respect and promote inclusiveness and ensure participation of differently abled persons in all activities at the institution.
  2. To ensure a friendly campus for all differently abled students who are studying in the Institution
  3. To address their requirements and make resources accessible
  4. To aid and assist the institution in formulating campus-wide, disability-friendly policies.
  5. To improve the accessibility of the College campus, in terms of both physical as well as virtual infrastructure
  6. To protect the rights of the differently abled persons, in line with various legislations and other laws governing the land
  7. To facilitate the overall journey
  8. To provide a level playing field to all the differently abled persons, both admitted and employed in the Institution
  9. To assist the college in removing any barriers that may hinder the progress, empowerment, and granting of equal rights to various differently abled persons
  10. To conduct research activities in the field of disability laws, policies, and practice
  11. To organize events and activities in the college, sensitizing people about the needs and rights of differently abled persons
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