Internship And Placement Committee


The Internship and Placement Training Committee of B.M.S. College of Law is constituted with an objective of providing and disseminating information related to various Internships (Full time and Part-time) and Placement opportunities to the students, placing them with reputed law firms, lawyers, in-house legal departments and NGOs after their semester examinations. The Committee emphasizes on career counseling sessions for any student in need to choose the right domain. The Institution has collaborations with NGOs where students of First Years are placed for Internship after their examinations. Internship related Seminars, Webinars, workshops and various activities are conducted by the Committee by inviting esteemed Resource Persons who are experts in the particular field to give exposure to opportunities and challenges. Students are encouraged to take up internships, part-time jobs volunteering to enhance skills and ability to work professionally.

Declaration Of Adoption

On this day, the 1st August, 2017, I declare that this policy on Internship and Placement Training Committee is formally adopted for use. The Policy will remain in force from this day until it is amended or replaced by another Policy following the relevant procedures said down herein for such purpose.

In testimony of this declaration I place my signature and the official seal of the College.

Procedures For Amending This Policy

This Policy can be amended for the purpose of changing the composition either by reducing or increasing the membership, grounds for terminating the members etc. By incorporating a statement as to why the amendment is required to be made to the Policy and the same has to be approved by majority of the members of the Committee. The Principal will then take necessary steps for such a replacement.

Extent Of Autonomy

The Committee will have complete autonomy in the performance of their tasks. In order to improve the work efficiency of the Committee, the Principal will make allocations of clerical, infrastructural and supporting staff assistance if and whenever required by the Committee.


  1. To provide assistance in preparation of good CV and Cover Letter.
  2. To encourage the students to actively take up Internship opportunities apart from regular classes.
  3. To provide and disseminate information related to Internship opportunities in law firms, under lawyers and other organizations through appropriate medium of communication.
  4. To create awareness among the students on the importance of Internships by conducting various activities, seminars, webinars and workshops.
  5. To prepare the regular road-map in order to place our students in reputed organizations.

Role And Responsibility

  1. The Committee disseminates information about opportunities related to Internships, certificate courses, paper publications and webinars through online modes such as Whatsapp groups, LinkedIn, Placement Committee email and Instagram.
  2. Virtual and offline technical sessions are conducted by the Committee to train students on drafting of CV, Cover Letter, using of LinkedIn to seize Internship opportunities and to inform the Internship guidelines.
  3. Organizing and inviting Resource Persons for seminars, webinars, workshops and competitions to understand the outcome of the sessions conducted to train the students.
  4. Collaborating with organizations by entering into Memorandum of Understanding for Internship opportunities.
  5. Approaching reputed organizations for Internship opportunities.
  6. To allocate First Year students to different organizations for Internships and conducting Viva for them to understand the outcome.
  7. Conducting of experience sharing sessions for First Year students after completion of Internships.


The Committee shall be presided by a Coordinator appointed by the Principal and comprise of other student members


  1. Tenure of the members – ⮚ The tenure of the Committee is for one academic year. The reconstitution of the Committee is done by the Principal of the Institution. Members shall be removed from the Committee on the basis of inefficiency and indiscipline. The decision of removal of members is subject to the decision of the Principal’s office.


  1. General meetings to discuss about Internship opportunities and other available opportunities are conducted two times in a semester by the Coordinator, Member and student members. The meetings to discuss the agenda of any event organized by the Committee are conducted a week prior to the releasing of circular for the meeting.
  2. Before conducting a meeting for any event or for a general meeting the Coordinator drafts a meeting notice which is consented by the Principal. Thereafter, the meeting is conducted on the date as mentioned on the meeting notice and the minutes of the meetings (MoM) are drafted by the Coordinator and duly signed by the Principal.

Procedure Followed/Details Of Working

  1. Approaching the organizations through emails.
  2. Discussing the opportunities with the Committee members during meetings.
  3. Forwarding the available Internship Opportunities available to the students through Whatsapp message.
  4. Drafting of meeting notice and conducting of meeting with the Committee members before releasing of circular for any event.
  5. Drafting the meetings details and getting it duly signed by the Principal.
  6. Drafting of the report on the event.
  7. Collecting feedbacks from students on the event.
  8. Filing all the documents in the proper files.
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