B.S.Narayan Memorial Library and Information Centre

"Nothing is equal to Knowledge"

Library is the heart of our Institution and it's a central and integral part of academic life. It plays vital role in the administration of justice. ‘As court of law is temple of justice, law library is temple of knowledge’, and as such, library service is playing and has to play an effective and efficient role in the legal profession


To dispel the darkness of ignorance with the light of knowledge.


  1. Promoting equity in access to information

  2. Facilitating self-education

  3. Keeping research as primary priority through access to latest online and offline resources

  4. Providing conducive environment for learning and transfer of knowledge.

  5. Enhancing students’ capacity to understand diverse opinions.

  6. Taking a student-centred approach to capacity development.

  7. Constantly striving to explore latest technology for changing needs of library users.

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