Library Committee

Library is the heart of the campus and it is a central and integral part of academic life. It plays a vital role in the administration of justice. ‘As the court of law is the temple of justice, the law library is the temple of knowledge’, and as such, library service continues to play an effective and efficient role in the legal profession

Roles and Responsibility:

  1. To provide general direction to the library
  2. To formulate action plan for the development of library infrastructure, facilities, products and services
  3. To outline the library collection and development policy as and when required, in its implementation.
  4. To review the functioning of the library with regard to its support to the academic programs of the institute.
  5. To evaluate the suggestions offered by the users.
  6. To prepare budget estimation and allocation for procurement of books.
  7. To suggest ways and means to generate revenue from library resources.
  8. To assist in stock verification, Unserviceable/old book, missing/ weeding out/write off from the library stock or to replace.
  9. To recommend authorities for filling the staff requirements, requirements like building, furniture and other fittings in the library.
  10. To take action against the users in irregularities in returning the books on time and any misbehaviour which is beyond the control of the librarian.
    1. Any other function as assigned by the Chairperson for overall development.
    2. The Committee meet at least once in every quarter./li>

Name Designation
Dr. Anitha F.N.D'Souza., Principal Chairperson
Sri. Raghuveer R Sattigeri, Faculty Coordinator
Sri. Abhishek Sharma P. Faculty Member
Dr. Shreekara K. Faculty Member
Ms. Rachana R.L Faculty Member
Sri. Ankit A Patwar Faculty Member
Ms. Charishma, LL.B. Student Member
Sri. Nevil Pereira, B.Com, LL.B. Student Member
Ms. Simran Kumari, B.A, LL.B. Student Member
Smt. D. Mala, Librarian Member Secretary
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