General Rules and Regulations

  1. Readers are required to deposit their personal belongings at the property counter at the entrance of the library.

  2. Visitor/Members are instructed strictly not to keep valuable things such as Laptops/Mobile phones/important documents including cash/purse at the property counter.

  3. The library shall not entertain any report of loss of materials like purse/valet, cell phone or handbags left somewhere inside the library stack or any other section.

  4. Underlining and tearing of pages or any other type of damaging of Books/ Periodicals are strictly prohibited.

  5. Readers are requested not to place the Books/Periodicals on the shelves after reference. They can leave them on the table.

  6. Use of mobile phone inside the Library is strictly prohibited.

  7. The Readers/students found disturbing the atmosphere of the library shall be disqualified from the membership of the library and are liable to penal action as decided by the principal.

  8. The students should avail the Library borrower's Card from the library within the specific time notified by the library to borrow the books.

  9. Students may borrow 2 books for duration of 14 days.

  10. The books in demand can be renewed only once.

  11. Reference Books are not for issue.

  12. The Librarian has all rights to recall the books issued at any time, if required.

  13. Eatables are not allowed inside the library.

  14. Strict silence, cleanliness, decorum should be maintained inside the library.

Book Issue Policy

Member Category No. of Books Duration
Full Time Faculty 15 Six Months
Guest Faculty 05 Six Months
Administrative Staff 03 One Month
General Students 02 14 Days
Book Bank Students (SC/ST Students are eligible to borrow the books from the Book Bank Section) 03 30 Days
Moot Court Participants (Students participating in national and international moot court competition are eligible to borrow the book related to moot problem) 10 30 Days
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