Time Table Committee

A well-constructed timetable establishes a natural rhythm and routine which can be comforting for teachers and students. The Timetable Committee works with the objective of smooth and efficient management of the academic programs through the semesters. Time management reflects the entire educational programme followed in the institution, which helps to develop qualities like punctuality, regularity, consistency, thereby leads to maintaining discipline which ensures meaningful growth of the institution.

Role and Responsibility

  1. To prepare time table for all the Courses in the prescribed format before the beginning of odd and even semesters and communicate the same to staff and students
  2. To allocate lecture halls, without any overlapping
  3. Makes necessary changes in the timetable in case of clash of timings


Name Designation
Dr. Sathish K. S Faculty Coordinator
Smt. Shwetha P. Faculty Member
Dr. Nalini R. Faculty Member
Smt. Malvika Singh Faculty Member
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