Student Grievance Redressal Committee

Student Grievance Redressal committee of BMS College of Law, established as per University Grants commission (Grievance Redressal) Regulation ,2012


The Student's Grievance Redressal Cell desires to promote and maintain a beneficial and unbiased educational environment. The grievances of the students will be taken up on high priority and resolved within the stipulated time.

The Cell, enquires and analyses the nature and pattern of the grievances in a strictly confidential manner. The Cell constitutes a committee having adequate student representation and participation. The committee would establish a procedure for students to raise their concerns. The student’s complaint details would be recorded. The Cell would pursue the grievance procedure in accordance with the rules and regulations of the College (As per UGC Regulations ,2018)

Cell would convene, the agenda of which would be published well in advance. The registered concerns would one of the paramount things to be discussed in the meeting. After identification and analysis, the appropriate resolution would be provided. Emphasis would be laid on procedural fairness.


  1. To bring to the notice of students the benefits available to them under the purview of the Cell
  2. To implement the regulation of UGC with utmost compliance
  3. To ensure maximum reach out to students entitled and in need of support
  4. To establish a forum for initiating and pursuing the grievance procedure
  5. To decide and resolve grievances in the most impartial and fair manner
  6. To strive towards a providing a peaceful and amicable environment with minimal dissension
  7. To develop an accountable and approachable attitude among all the stakeholders so that a harmonious educational atmosphere is maintained in the institute.
  8. To Redress the problems reported by the Students of the College and promotion of friendly relationship between student and teacher and between student-student etc.
  9. It also encourages the students to express their problems /grievances frankly and freely and without any fear of being victimized. Any kind of mental or physical harassment complaints regarding classroom management, classroom teaching, teaching methods of teachers, completion of syllabus etc.


  1. Complaint Box / Suggestion Box installed in front of the Receptionist desk, in which the Students, can put in writing their grievances and their suggestions for improving the academics/administration in the College.
  2. The person concerned can personally approach to any member of the Cell
  3. The issues will be attended promptly in a timely manner
  4. The cell will address the academic and administrative problems faced by Students.
  5. The cell will effectively address and resolve grievances.
  6. The cell will establish co-ordination between Students and Staff for quicker resolution
  7. The cell will review all complaints and will act accordingly as per the policy


As per the rules and regulations addressed by the UGC for student or other stake holders in an institution “Grievance Redressal Committee” of B.M.S. College of Law, Basavanagudi, Bangalore, has been constituted with following members to enquire the nature of grievances and resolve the grievances.


The grievance procedure is a machinery to sort out the issues amongst students and also with institution. To establish an efficient Redressal mechanism and maintain harmonious relationship with the students. It is a device to settle a grievance/problem. It involves a process of investigation into the queries and analyses the nature and pattern of the grievances in a strictly confidential manner. Matters are disclosed to only those, who have a legitimate role in resolving the matter. Emphasis on procedural fairness has been given with a view to "the right to be heard and right to be treated without bias". All complaints/ grievances are addressed with immediate remedial measure where required.

The students are required to submit their grievances in writing addressed to the committee or any member of the committee. The complaint copy must to be dropped in the drop box positioned near the Principal's office or submit to any member of the committee or the coordinator. The Coordinator looks into the complaints submitted and after review of the same forwards the matter to the committee for necessary action. After reaching a consensus and deciding a plan of action, the students would be informed of the same.

Complaint box/ Suggestion box have been installed in front of the principal’s room, in which the Students, who want to remain anonymous, can put in writing their grievances and their suggestions for improving the academics/administration in the College.

  1. Students can lodge a complaint.
  2. The person concerned can personally approach to any member of the Cell
  3. The issues will be attended promptly on receipt of grievances from the students.
  4. The cell will review all complaints and will act formally accordingly as per the policy.
  5. The cell will give report to the principal about the issues attended to and the number of pending issues, if any, which require direction and guidance from the principal.

The grievances pointed out by the students in the meeting such as repairs and maintenance in the college, water purifiers, napkin vending machine, canteen and improving sports facility were amicably resolved by the college level cell.

A detailed periodical report on grievance received and resolution provided would be submitted to the Principal every quarter. A periodical containing the committee’s action plan for the following quarter and its performance metrics for the previous quarter would be presented to Coordinator.

During the previous Year no Such Major Grievances Were Received. Grievances otherwise Received were forwarded to the Principal for Immediate Redressal. In all such cases prompt action were taken and the matter sorted out. In all cases the aggrieved was informed of the measures taken and checks in the system were introduced to ensure there was no repetition of the same.


SGRC shall not entertain following issues.

  1. Decisions of the Academic Council / Board of studies and other academic / administrative committees constituted by the college.
  2. Decisions with regard to award of scholarships / fee concessions / awards / medals.
  3. Decisions made by college under the Discipline Rules and Misconduct.
  4. Decisions of the college in admissions of my courses
  5. Decisions of the competent authority on assessment and examination result.

Student Grievance Redressal Committee

The following faculty members are constituted to be the panel members of Student Grievance Redressal committee for the year 2019-20

Sl. No Name of The Member Designation
1. Dr. Anitha FN D’Souza Chairperson (Principal)
2. Dr. Veerabhadraiah C Co-ordinator
3. Dr. Sujatha Member
4. Shri. Anubhav Member
5. Shri. Raghuveer S Member
6. Shri. Manohar Bhat Member
7. Smt. Roopa S Member
8. Dr. Gayathribai Member
9. Shri. Krishna Murthy Member ( Office Superintendent)
10. Shri. Aditya HS Student member
11. Shri. Kishore Student member
12. Shri. Krithika- VII SEM Student member
13. Shri. Chinmoy-VII SEM Student member
14. Shri. Rajeev- III SEM LL.B Student member
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