Proctor System

Proctor System aims at providing overall support to the students and assess their academic performance, discuss personal issues etc. B.M.S. College of Law offers a higly efficient Proctor Sytem through which faculty members provide continuous support and guidance to the students throughout the semester.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To provide overall support and guidance to the students.
  2. To monitor students overall performance.
  3. To Adrress their grievances.
  4. To encourage students to partcipate in curricular and non-curricular activities.
  5. Guiding students in internships, higher studies and enterpreneurship skills.
  6. Improvement of teacher-student relationship.
  7. To adrress their grievances

How it works ?

  1. Principal appoints the Faculty Coordinator at the beginning of the academic year.
  2. Faculty Coordinator allots students, assigns roles and responsibilities to all the Proctor for a semester.
  3. All the Proctors conduct meetings with their wards as per the schedule or as per students requirement and submit the report to the Faculty Coordinator.
  4. Faculty Coordinator prepares Consolidated report and Action taken report of all the courses in consulatation with the Principal and members of committes/cells after commencement of every meeting.
  5. In case any Faculty resigns in between the semester, new allotment will be made by the Faculty Coordinator in consulatation with the Principal.
  6. In case Faculty Cordinator resigns in between the semester, Principal will appoint new Faculty Coordinator.

Duties of the Proctor:

  1. To conduct Proctor meeting as per the schedule or as per students requirement.
  2. Motivate the students to participate in curricular and non-curricular activities.
  3. Discuss their issues and counsell them in solving the problems.
  4. Communicate with the parents regarding their academic performance.
  5. Prepare a consolidated report and submit the same to the faculty coordinator.
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