Vision and Mission


B.M.S. College of Law strives to push for a paradigm shift in the field of legal education. The institution emphasizes on the following:

  1. To impart quality legal education.
  2. To set up new standards by Inculcating a sense of professionalism.
  3. Creating a sense of Rule of Law and responsibility towards society.
  4. Providing globalized legal education


  1. To provide an excellent, affordable and distinctive education.
  2. To promote legal knowledge and service to enrich the legal profession and the communities we serve.
  3. To capitalize on unique environment we are located.

Objectives / Goals

The Institution aims to progressively realize the following objectives:

  1. To evolve and impart comprehensive legal education at all levels to achieve excellence.
  2. To provide knowledge of Academic excellence with integrity and accountability.
  3. To foster a strong sense of individual responsibility, integrity, ethics, and self-confidence.
  4. To develop critical thinking skills.
  5. To disseminate legal knowledge by organizing Moot Courts, Seminars and Workshops on contemporary legal issues.
  6. To cherish the hope that the graduates passing out from this institution will be the best in the bar and the bench.
  7. To promote legal awareness in the community for achieving social and economic justice
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