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        "I was a student of this college between 1972 and 1975. I did my LL.B. here, when Prof. V Krishnamurthy was the Principal. Sri. Y Ramachandra, former Mayor of Bengaluru, was the Chairman of the college. He used to visit the college every day to ensure smooth administration and used to spend time with the students and motivate them to become lawyers. He ensured that the library was open throughout the day for the benefit of students.
        Prof. M D Nanjunda Swamy, L G Havanur, Prof. C B Motaiah, Prof. B Venkatakrishnappa, Prof. H R Venkataramaiah, Prof. W K Joshi and Prof. A V Srinivas were our teachers. With such stalwarts as our teachers, we had no choice but to be good lawyers.

        Therefore, I owe my professional career entirely to B.M.S. College of Law. I am sure even now the faculty is equally good and inspires the modern day youth to take up legal profession in a big way. "

        @Sri. Ravi Verma Kumar

        I am an alumnus of this college. I did my LL.B. between 1978 and 1981. The college has continued to be a premier institute of law. The best jurists and stalwarts in legal profession have taught different subjects in this college.

        @Justice. S.N. Sathyanarayana

        "I have special affection and regards for B.M.S. College of Law because of the confidence that the college had reposed in its students. In 1973, when I was pursuing my LL.B. here, I couldn’t pay the fees and I had not submitted my exam application. Noticing this the management asked me the reason and I said I don't have enough money to pay the fees. The management was so generous that it permitted me to pay only the examination fees exempting tuition fees. I cannot imagine any other college which would show such generosity towards its students. I am ever grateful to the Management and the College for this. Thus, I feel BMSCL offered me the best opportunity to develop skills in community interaction and development."

        @Sri. H.S.Dwarakanath

        "I had the privilege of studying in BMS College of Law half a century back. The institution was the best then and continues to be so even today. The focus of the institution is to develop the future cream of society. A large number of alumni of the institution have been very successful judges, jurists and lawyers."

        @Sri. S.N. Murthy
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