Intellectual Property Rights Cell

Intellectual Property protection is an important tool for fostering innovation. In absence of adequate intellectual property protection, creative activities and innovation may be hindered. Intellectual Property Rights Cell is established with the objective of contributing to the cause of fostering the innovation ecosystem and promoting the creation of intellectual property in the economy. The cell seeks to achieve the above-said objective by creating awareness on various forms of Intellectual Property Rights by organizing IPR awareness workshops, seminars, training programs. The cell also provides a platform for students of Intellectual Property Rights for their active engagement in activities of the cell to supplement classroom learning.

Aims & Objectives:

  1. To promote the study and research in various issues related to Intellectual Property Rights
  2. To provide Intellectual Property Rights awareness for teachers, research scholars and students
  3. To organize and conduct various workshops, training programs, Round Tables, and Conferences on various Intellectual Property Issues
  4. To provide legal aid and facilitate compliances relating to registration of various IP’s created by marginal communities / individuals
  5. To engage in awareness programs on various aspects of Intellectual Property Rights for general public and stakeholders to create IP aware community
  6. To contribute to the policies, law, and practices relating to Intellectual Property Rights
  7. To develop an enduring collaborative relationship with various Governmental Organizations involved in promotion of various IP’s to provide a platform for deliberation and discussion on intellectual property and policy.

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